P&C Annual Fall Fun Day

The team was circling around the final clue. Fog billowing around the dark room. Lights and sounds interfering with our thoughts. The timer on the clock counting down quickly. Just one minute left. The pressure was on.

Would we make it out?

No, this isn’t a scene from Mission Impossible, rather the final moments of our P&C Annual Fall Fun Day at The Escape Room OKC. A simulation designed to weed out the winners from the losers. Well, really it was all in good fun, but we knew there could only be one winner. We divvied into teams with our significant others in tow to see who could escape the fastest.

Only one team never escaped.

Maybe they should stick to accounting challenges.

Here are the teams ranked from fastest escape times, with the winning team escaping in 30 minutes, 55 seconds. Although there is some debate amongst the participants about who the real winner was since the victors took a hint, but what would a P&C competition be without some sort of controversy?


I suppose a little more back story may be in order here. You see, every year we gather the P&C team for an annual Fall event; an outing to celebrate our teams’ accomplishments over the course of the last year. In addition to the Escape Room OKC, we participated in a community outreach program. We started Fall Fun Day by packing 6,583lbs of food at The Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma. We did this in conjunction with the 2021 OSCPA Day Of Service, an annual challenge for Oklahoma CPA firms to give back to their communities.


Of course, no Fall Fun Day would be complete without celebrating our team members’ unique accomplishments with a figurative roast. This is where the Pechandie awards come in. What are the Pechandies you ask? Well, it started three years ago (we think) and we borrowed the idea from the show The Office and its Dundee Awards. The word “Pechandie” is a blend of Peters, Chandler, and Dundee. Here are some of our favorite awards distributed this year:

pechandie-awardPhil Brockhaus: Most improved (Yes, he retired this year)

Rodney England: W.W.R.D. (What Would Rodney Do)

Laurie Latham: Whitest Sneakers

Eliza Hock: Most likely to drive the Oregon Trail to try and get out of doing bookkeeping. (You can run but you can’t hide)

Josh Elder: Satisfactory Worker

Overall, the P&C team enjoyed celebrating our P&C family at the Annual Fall Fun Day and we look forward to another great year of camaraderie…and accounting too we suppose.